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We provide accurate, secure and timely outsourcing data entry solutions. With 24/7 service, we transform your data into the format you need, when you need it.

  • Marketing Survey & Promotion Forms
  • PDF, Image, Handwritten Documents
  • Document Scanning & OCR Cleanup
  • Ecommerce Product Updating
  • Image Indexing & Cataloging
  • Medical & Insurance Claims

Data Entry Solutions

TechSpeed can turn your hard copy documents into the digital format that you need by securely converting your paper into protected electronic data files. We manage comment cards, sweepstakes entry forms, lead lists, mail lists, surveys, invoices, accounting information and virtually all other types of documents and files.

Form Data Capture

We can scan, scrub, enter and analyze any form you may have. Application Forms, Surveys, Questionnaires, Petition Forms, Contest Forms, Order Forms, Medical Claims and more.

  • Survey Forms
  • Data Entry from Opinion Surveys, Patient Satisfaction Surveys, Client Satisfaction Surveys, Product Surveys, Employee Satisfaction Surveys, Consumer Research Surveys and Market Research Surveys.

  • Marketing & Promotion Forms
  • Data Entry from Marketing and Promotions Forms Such as Rebate Forms, Vouchers, Sweepstakes, Subscription Lists, Returned Mail, Petition Lists, Retail Consumer Sign Up Cards, Social Media, Enter-To-Win, Customer Blanks, Warranty Cards, Loyalty Programs, Subscriptions, Business Cards, Product Registration Cards, Application Forms, CRM Data Entry and More!

  • Insurance & Claim Documents
  • Data Entry from Health Care Claims, Insurance Claims, Medical Claims for quicker claims processing and claim collections.

Numeric Data Capture

We can capture numeric information from any kind of document, Statistical Reports, Bank Statements, Accounting Statements, Tax Forms, Numeric Tables and more.

  • Financial
  • Financial Statements, Invoices, Catalogs, Legal Documents, Checks, Credit and Debit Memos, Data capture to and from Finance Software Applications.

  • Business Reporting
  • Company Reports, Directories, Field Reports, Manuals, Scanned Invoices, Purchase Orders, Contracts & Agreements.

  • Manufacturing & Logistics
  • Production Records, Handwritten Documents, Bill of Lading, Purchase Orders, inventory Reporting, Transportation Documents, Bills and Receipts.

Image Data Capture

Companies that deal with images are often faced with the daunting task of image processing and management. Our image processing experts can reduce the time and money you spend managing images. Our image data entry services include:

  • Image Data Entry
  • Image Keying, Image Entry from Scanned Images, Data Capture from Images, Maps Analysis.

  • Image Indexing & Sorting
  • Image Cataloging, Photo Identification, Catalog Graphics and Descriptions.

  • Image Data Extraction & Analysis
  • Image Conversion, Image Data Entry into Any Online Database or Application.

Ecommerce Product Data Entry Services for Online Stores

We can provide support for your eCommerce business with our product data entry and bulk product data upload services. Large volumes of products and a short turnaround time? no problem, we can quickly get the most up to date and relevant information about your products where you need it, when you need it.

  • Ecommerce Product Specifications
  • Writing Product Descriptions, Adding Product Pricing, Entering Product Features and Specifications, Sourcing Product Information from Manufacturer Website, Physical and Digital Catalog or Other Websites.

  • Ecommerce Product Management
  • Adding New Products, Deleting Old Products, Product Data Upload, Adding Images for Products, Updating Product Information, Adding Related Product Information For Cross-Selling and Up-Selling, Organizing Products According to Categories and Subcategories.

OCR Data Entry (Optical Character Recognition Assisted Data Entry)

OCR data entry process is an automated data extraction process for scanned images. As part of our assessment of your project, we test to see whether your documents can be run through our OCR data entry service to capture the data quickly and accurately. Our goal is always to process your documents as cost effectively and quickly as possible.

Offline and Online Data Entry

Through our OCR or Manual data entry process we are able to capture your data and deliver it to you either through offline email reports or loaded directly to your online database or cloud based software application.

  • Online Data Entry Services
  • Custom Data Export/Import Interfaces With Audits, Data Input into Business Applications Hosted on Cloud or Remote Desktop Server, Online Content Conversion Services, Online Data Entry for Product Registration Cards and Product Catalogs, Data Entry From E-Books and E-Magazine Publications on the Internet, Online Copying, Pasting, Editing, Sorting and Indexing Any Type Of Data.

  • Offline Data Entry Services
  • Excel and MS Word Documents, Translation of Data from One Version/Format to Another, Offline Data Capture, Data Entry into Database Programs, Offline Data Collection, Offline Sorting and Indexing of Data Entry in Any Format.

Copy and paste data entry

Copy paste data entry is an essential and tedious task for many businesses and institutions. Critical data such as emails, addresses and phone numbers are often in documents, systems and reports that are not connected. Our copy paste services can quickly digitize your information into a centralized database so that you can work smarter, not harder.

Document Scanning & Data Entry Preparation

TechSpeed provides full service scanning solutions to convert your documents and images into any format. We can scan anything from photos to financial forms. Any document on paper can be converted into a digital file for easier search and retrieval. Our Document Conversion Solutions team will prepare, scan, index and analyze each document and image ensuring quality and accuracy of your data.

Proprietary Security Applications

TechSpeed ImageFracture™ data security software eliminates all risk of compromising sensitive data during data processing. TechSpeed utilizes this software to securely transmit, distribute, process and store sensitive data. Our revolutionary security software smartly splices scanned images, so that confidential data is dis-aggregating prior to electronic transmission, distribution or processing. ImageFracture™ eliminates all sensitive data processing risk and is HIPPA, PCI DSS and SOX compliant. With our proprietary ImageFracture™ technology, TechSpeed can safely guard sensitive data such as social security numbers and contributor information in a way no other provider can.


Case Study

Global Healthcare non-profit organization
  • 500,000+
    donor applications processed
  • 20,000+
    hours of saved labor
  • $500,000
    client labor cost savings
What We Did
  • Offline Data entry
  • Form Based Data Capture
  • Manual Data Entry


99.95% -100% data input accuracy. Our process includes double key data entry along with Compare data quality checks, data validation routines, and data verification checks. Dashboards are utilized to continuously monitor data quality. Self-learning automation routines build the data knowledge library.



At TechSpeed we understand our role as a temporary steward for your data and we take this responsibility seriously. Our security systems use industry best practices and proprietary tools to guard your data on multiple levels, including physical and network. VPNs, SSLs, PGP encryptions are standard practice in keeping your data secure.



100% on-time delivery guaranteed. You need it quick, fast, yesterday. We understand. Tell us your data entry outsourcing objectives and we will build a data solution customized to your needs. We become a part of your team right from the start. TechSpeed managers keep you continuously up-to-date on the status of your project.

Benefits of Outsourcing with TechSpeed

Outsource your non-core activities to us, so you can stay focused on growing your business.

  • Access to expert knowledge
  • Responsive customer service
  • Precise quality assurance protocols
  • Advanced security protocols
  • Access to proprietary security technology
  • Dedicated staff focused on streamlining and completing repetitive tasks
  • Don’t pay for downtime, we can accommodate your variable workloads
  • Errors and omissions insurance coverage
  • USA owned and operated

Security Protocols

In TechSpeed’s 18+ year history we have never lost a document, electronic data file or had a breach of confidentiality. Our process includes:

  • Full Office Camera Monitoring
  • Work Station Monitoring
  • Secure Data Transferal
  • Proprietary security solutions
  • VPNs, SSLs, PGP encryptions and Password Protected Data Access
  • Best-in-class data archiving and destruction procedures

With Techspeed, you have a global advantage.
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Proven Performance


Increased data quality with 99.95% - 100% accuracy


Up to 80% in cost savings as compared to in-house service


Fast turnaround with a 24/7, 3-shift operation