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Let's discuss your next project. We are ready to help. For a fast response, give us a call at 1-800-750-4066 or fill out and submit the simple form below. We want to work with you to understand your project requirements and prepare a comprehensive proposal for your review.

Our rates are globally competitive. We are committed to meet or beat your budget while making sure that your project is successful and on time. We understand that in this fast paced technology world of short life cycles, competition and budget limitations, it is critical to have a partner you can count on. TechSpeed is committed to being your valuable resource.

Toll Free 1-800-750-4066 (in US and Canada)
Techspeed Inc. 280 SW Moonridge Place
Portland, Oregon 97225
Phone: 503-291-0027
Fax: 503-292-9893



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Techspeed is a leading edge developer of data gathering services and we have found their support systems have made our consulting applications even more satisfactory.
Bruce R. Watkins
Brewster Associates
Techspeed has done a wonderful job for us! Their attention to detail and quick response to our needs is very much appreciated.
Danielle Merriam
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