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Political Campaign and Fundraising Data Entry Services

Information is the cornerstone of a successful political campaign. TechSpeed has been providing political technology services for over 10 years and has been a valuable partner in many winning campaigns.

TechSpeed has developed many products and services for the political industry. Our goal is to provide you the services you need to win your campaign.

  • Online Fundraising Databases
  • Initiative Data Entry and Reporting
  • Circulator Statistics and Reporting
  • Political List Enhancement
  • Political Data Mining
  • Political Websites
  • Online Contributions

Let's take a deeper look:

Online Fundraising Databases
TechSpeed can build an Online database of constituents on the cloud along with enhanced information, to allow you to log on and query specific information to assist in creating a fund raising contact list. We can customize the database to meet the needs of your campaign.

Initiative Data Entry and Reporting
TechSpeed has spent years developing one of the most comprehensive petition reporting systems available. See Initiative Management System for sample reports. This powerful system documents all petitions collected and identifies any errors in the collection process. This comprehensive reporting system provides you the tools to go to the specific error and eliminate it, allowing you to submit your petitions with the confidence of knowing that error penalties will be rare. Some of the reporting features are listed below:

  • Duplicate petitioner Report
  • County match report
  • County wise petitioners
  • Petitioners unmatched to voter list
  • Petitioners Not Matched With Voter List - High confidence matches
  • Petitioners not matched with Voter List - All
  • Report for Petitioners not matched with voter list for All Counties
  • Petitioners not matched with Voter List - County wise Report
  • Invalid Petitions due to blank circulators

Circulator Statistics and Reporting
TechSpeed has developed reporting features specifically focused on circulators. The circulators that you use are the engine that drives a successful collection campaign. It is imperative that you know what is happening in the field and who your star players are. Our set of reports will show you exactly who is moving your campaign forward and who is causing problems. You can find this important information through the following reports:

  • County wise circulator report
  • Circulator error report
  • Circulator efficiency report  

Political List Enhancement
We can take your existing list and append valuable information such as phone number, e-mail address and contribution information. We can update addresses to US postal service standards (Cass Certification) and change of address update (NCOA). Your list will be optimized for maximum effectiveness.

Political data mining
If you need additional data and collecting it is slow and tedious, let our 100+ data entry staff do the political research for you. We can glean data bases, search the Internet and go through paper documents and get the job done fast.

Give us a call to discuss your next campaign. We can provide you a customized service strategy to assist in reaching your goals. 1-800-750-4066

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Techspeed is a leading edge developer of data gathering services and we have found their support systems have made our consulting applications even more satisfactory.
Bruce R. Watkins
Brewster Associates
Techspeed has done a wonderful job for us! Their attention to detail and quick response to our needs is very much appreciated.
Danielle Merriam
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