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Offline Data Entry

TechSpeed processes millions of documents a year. Everyday we receive a multitude of physical documents at our offices that need form data capture. Whether you have comment cards, sweepstakes entry forms, lead lists, mail lists, surveys, invoices, accounting information or any other type of document, Techspeed is ready to convert those documents into useful digital information using our offline data entry services

Using state of the art technologies, we decide the most effective way to process your project. Our programmers can create applications that not only captures the information that you need, but also can validate and correct your information.

The world is going paperless. Mountains of paper documents can become a liability. TechSpeed can convert paper into digital files, turning that liability into an asset. Your invoices can now be a search-able database. Turn numeric tables into a statistical report. Order forms can easily be converted into a mailing or email list. The possibilities are endless and the value is real. Lets get started.

  • Manual Data Entry - Typing, Copy/Paste of Selectable Text
  • OCR Data Entry - Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Assisted Data Entry

As part of our assessment of your project, we test to see whether your documents can be run through our OCR data entry service to capture the data. If OCR is not successful, we then manually enter the information. Our goal is to process the documents as cost effectively as possible.

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I’m honestly not sure how I first found TechSpeed, probably a Google search many years ago. All I can say is that TechSpeed has been a blessing. I give them clear instructions on what I need, and they do the rest, quickly, efficiently and accurately. And if I’m not sure how to accomplish the goal, they come in with suggestions on how to achieve my goal.
Brian Kent
C2 Financial Corp.
Working with TechSpeed has exceeded my expectations. Not only has the work product been excellent, but the relationship helps supercharge our systems and allows our firm to expand at an accelerated rate.
Richard Martin
Sonoma Risk Insurance Agency

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