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Initiative Management System

This system is designed to manage your collected petition data from the initial data entry to the validation of registered voters. We make it easy for your office staff to eliminate invalid petitioners through our extensive reporting tools.
The reports available to view and print are divided into two sections:

- Statistical Reports
- Error Reports

Statistical Reports

- Circulator Report
This report shows the circulators' list along with number of petitioners he collected, classifying them as valid and invalid petitioners. This also features a list of corresponding valid/invalid petitioners for each circulator.

- Petitioners Compared with Voter List (Matched / Unmatched)
The petitioner entries are matched with the registered voter list.
Then county wise matched/unmatched lists are generated.
a. Voters Matched Voter List
b. Voters Unmatched Voter List

- Circulator wise county wise Petitioners' Report - (Summery Report)
This report shows county names and the number of valid and invalid petitioners per circulator. Following is an example of the report:


- Petitioners per County - (Summery Report)
This report shows a county wise distribution of petitioners with actual number of valid/invalid petitioners and percentage thereof. Following is an example of the report:

Error Reports:

- County Mismatch - Petitioners
This report gives a list of petitioners who belong to a county other than the county where they are registered.

- Duplicate Petitioners with same Voter Id
Petitioner who signed more than once are listed in this report along with their county name, sheet number and corresponding line number of the petitioner's entry. It also shows the original entry of the petitioner, that is, the entry retained.

- Invalid Petitioners due to blank/invalid Circulators
A petitioner signature is considered invalid if the circulator signed date is before the petitioners signature date or if the circulator name is not present on the petition information sheet.

a. Invalid Petitioners due to blank circulators
b. Invalid Petitioners due to wrong circulator sign date

- Petitioners not matched with Voter List - County wise Report
This report shows county wise petitioners who do not match with voter list. They are categorized as High Confidence match, Likely match, Unlikely match and Non match. High confidence matches is where a unique name matches but not address.Likely match is where multiple names match but not address. Unlikely match is where address matches, but name does not. Non-match is where neither address nor name matches any entry on registered voter list.

Following is an example of the report:

- Petitioners not matched with Voter List - All (includes High confidence, Likely, unlikely, non-matches report) This report first gives the summary report which you can then drill down according to above mentioned criteria's.

- High confidence matches : Where a unique name matches but not address

- Likely matches : Where multiple names match but not address

- Unlikely matches : Where address matches, but name does not

- Non-matches : Where neither address nor name match any entry on voter list

* All the petitioner data is matched with the available registered voter list with us. Since the registered voter list changes frequently, the errors reported may not be entirely accurate.

Why use TechSpeed?

Using TechSpeed's initiative management system will maximize your chances of getting your initiative on the ballot. Why risk submitting your petitions without knowing if you will have enough signatures to get approved for the ballot? Submit your petitions with confidence. An added benefit of the data entry of petition information is that it can be used to market to supporters during the campaign.

Political Websites

The most effective way to generate grass roots contributions is through your website.
We build effective fund raising functionality to maximize website visitor contributions. Our graphic artists can brand your image and message to compliment your other media investments.
Techspeed has developed a number of effective full featured campaign websites. Using state of the art flash, video, and audio, we craft the website to get your message through to your constituents.

Put Campaign & Election Technology to Work
Reach voters who participate in the electoral process. Campaign & Election Technology is here, and TechSpeed can make the difference in your campaign. Your campaign staff can now publish timely, detailed information to help voters make informed decisions. TechSpeed can develop websites that target critical campaign information to voters, the media and party members.

Reach Active Voters
Electronic technology has arrived as a tool of choice for political campaigns, and TechSpeed will help you use it most effectively. We can help you reach voters, providing a site that works best for you and includes secure campaign contributions, volunteer forms, and targeting software. Because we use the latest website tracking software, you'll know exactly which groups of voters are looking at each page.
Don't miss reaching these constituents. You can't afford not to have a campaign website designed by TechSpeed. Just take a look at who will likely use it:

  • Internet users represent social awareness and an affinity for social affairs.
  • They vote more frequently than most segments of the population and also give a strong indication of where the rest of the country is headed.
  • They recognize technology as a powerful tool for education and expression and TechSpeed will help your campaign use it in the best possible ways.

Voters committed to particular issues, including tax reform, the environment and social issues, are likely to be within this segment and already viewing information online. Growing numbers of senior citizens are using the Internet effectively.

Consider these ways that you could put your site to use:

  • Supplement your media buys. Websites have a broader reach at far less expense than television, radio or brochures.
  • You can respond to fast-breaking issues or criticisms more quickly than you can on television or radio. And, you can respond in depth -- beyond sound bites.
  • Issue online news releases.
  • Give local perspectives on national or international issues.
  • Distribute information to your volunteers, voters, contributors and the media.
  • Conduct online town meetings. Post the audio and video of the event on your website.
  • Post letters, responding to constituent requests and supporting lobbying efforts.
  • Include links to other related sites.

Click here to view a sample of candidate website

Click here to view a sample of candidate Newsletter

Use the latest unsurpassed campaign techniques. TechSpeed will work with you to provide the detailed information voters and the media need about your campaign. As you build your online campaign, all of your announcements and news releases will be only a click away. Your schedule of campaign appearances will be easily available and can be instantly updated, so that voters can see and meet you through email.
Voters who use the Internet are already inclined to the candidate. You can steer them to contribute time or money, to register online friends, and to move into active participation. We'll help you devise strategies that take advantage of the distinctive interactive opportunities.

For more information on using this system please call 1-800-750-4066.

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