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Admittedly, this cool technology of the week entry is about an idea, since I have not used the product/service directly.

As I've written about many times, I'm passionate about protecting patient privacy.

The new Massachusetts Data Protection regulations require reporting of breaches and mandate compliance with several new security practices. Many hospitals outsource various aspects of their medical records workflow such as transcription, optical scanning, and data entry of scanned forms. When these services are purchased offshore, how can we reduce the risk that personally identified data will be compromised or identity stolen?

The folks at TechSpeed have a creative answer called ImageFracture.

They provide an editor to markup electronic images and identify fields containing sensitive data. Information that might be used in combination to compromise privacy can then be separated into separate scanned images.

Each of these images is sent to a different work team but enough metadata is retained centrally to reassemble the parts. Here's an example of how it works – suppose that for is comprised of name, address, social security number, medications, and problem lists. If the name is sent to one work group, the address to another, and the medications/problems lists to another, no single work group has enough information to breach privacy or steal identity.

Thus, offshore data entry or business process outsourcing can continue without fear of data compromise. It has the added benefit that individual outsourced work groups do not need security policy audits for HIPAA, PCI, or SOX requirements.

There have been case reports of rogue employees at outsourcing operations threatening clients with data disclosures and blackmailing them to prevent these releases. Since some countries do not have strict privacy laws, there may not be criminal penalties for inappropriate data releases.

Breaking up work into non-identifiable pieces to protect privacy via a customized image editing and metadata management system. That's cool!

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Biography: John D. Halamka, MD, MS
CIO, Harvard Medical School
CIO, CareGroup Health System
Chair, Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP)

John D. Halamka, MD, MS, is Chief Information Officer of the CareGroup Health System, Chief Information Officer and Associate Dean for Educational Technology at Harvard Medical School, Chairman of the New England Health Electronic Data Interchange Network (NEHEN), CEO of MA-Share, Chair of the Healthcare Information Technology Standards Panel (HITSP), Chief Information Officer of the Harvard Clinical Research Institute and a practicing Emergency Physician.

As Chief Information Officer at CareGroup, he is responsible for all clinical, financial, administrative and academic information technology serving 3000 doctors, 12000 employees and one million patients. As Chief Information Officer and Associate Dean for Educational Technology at Harvard Medical School, he oversees all educational, research and administrative computing for 18000 faculty and 3000 students. As Chairman of NEHEN he oversees the administrative data exchange in Massachusetts. As CEO of MA-Share he oversees the clinical data exchange efforts in Massachusetts. As Chair of HITSP he coordinates the process of electronic standards harmonization among all the stakeholders nationwide.




January 20th, 2010–Portland, OR-- Techspeed Inc., a small IT firm in Portland, Oregon, has announced the launch of its ImageFracture software. TechSpeed Inc. is able to provide 100% data security by manipulating images of documents containing sensitive information. ImageFracture extends this security to include third-parties, enforcing its presence as a provider of comprehensive security solutions.

Personal information is compromised by data breaches, theft, unintended exposure and even blackmail. In recent years, hundreds of millions of personal records have been targeted and tampered with. 60% of these breaches have been due to insecure third-party involvement. TechSpeed Inc. claims ImageFracture is the only software on the market that can guarantee immunity from third-party security risks when document images are provided.

Documents such as medical records and bank statements contain various pieces of sensitive information, such as account numbers, full names, addresses and credit card numbers. This information can be misused when viewed together. However, by separating (fracturing) the document as an image, they become meaningless pieces of data. For example, a credit card # “5424-9458 4051 2146” can be cut into two unique images; “5424 945” and “8 4051 2146” respectively. The application then assigns the two images separate names so they are not associated with each other in anyway. These separated files can then be supplied to third-party vendors without the risk of a security breach. At any point in time, an authorized person can consolidate these images by entering a secure pass code. This is also useful for storing images and their data content to prevent in-house data theft or hackers.

ImageFracture allows you to create a template using one sample page. This template is used to select the areas you want to separate, block or hide (like separating a jigsaw puzzle) and can be applied to millions of like pages. The images can be sent to a third party, such as a data entry service provider, through an SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) within the application. The completed data can then be sent back to the sender and consolidated, like solving a jigsaw puzzle. All functions of the application can be secured with a pass code. ImageFracture is set up to generate completion reports on all in-coming and out-going data for your convenience.
The advancement of ImageFracture in data security technology will make it unnecessary to audit vendor's security policies by ensuring compliance with HIPPA, PCI DSS, SOX and GLBA requirements. You can now safely send your documents, such as financial, medical and legal information, and be in complete control of their security.

TechSpeed Inc. provides this software to all its clients free of charge and provides full training on its use. Techspeed Inc. can provide a download-able application to use on the client's desktop, or provide a licensed copy for commercial use. For further information, visit or view the ImageFracture presentation by clicking here.



Richard and Rekha Plainfield started developing software for the hospitality industry in 1980. In 1992 they developed and patented GuestBook - a database marketing system for retailers. In 2000 they assembled a team in India to work on new versions of their GuestBook system. Impressed with the quality of the workforce in India they decided to start an outsourcing company that caters to the needs of the USA market. Within a year it was apparent that the small office that they had would not allow for the expansion that was needed. A larger facility was opened and TechSpeed was founded in August of 2002. Now, Techspeed is positioned to assist USA companies increase their ROI through outsourcing a variety of projects.

Today Techspeed employs over 150 IT professionals with a diverse set of skills. Over the years, TechSpeed has worked with many companies in a variety of industries and has developed a solid set of standards to assure a successful client relationship.

For further information or to schedule an interview, please contact Richard Plainfield anytime at (503)291-0027 or email

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Techspeed is a leading edge developer of data gathering services and we have found their support systems have made our consulting applications even more satisfactory.
Bruce R. Watkins
Brewster Associates
Techspeed has done a wonderful job for us! Their attention to detail and quick response to our needs is very much appreciated.
Danielle Merriam
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Imagefracture is a software
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