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Many times you will need to share your documents and information with others to accomplish a number of tasks such as data entry, call center work or back office functions. However, the number one concern when outsourcing your data is security. The risk of misuse of information can cost your company thousands to millions of dollars.

TechSpeed is the only company that can give a 100% guarantee that there will not be a third-party data security breach. We have developed a data security program that puts the client in control of their information. Our Imagefracture data security software will eliminate all risk to outsourcing your data.

Clients, such as banks, financial institutions and health care organizations with highly sensitive data and who need total data security without having to rely on their vendor's security process, will find a much needed solution with TechSpeed's new Imagefracture technology application (patent pending). The Imagefracture application allows clients to control the level of data exposure without compromising the offshore data entry or BPO engagement. This revolutionary security data software solution will make it unnecessary to audit vendor's security policies by ensuring compliance with HIPPA, PCI DSS and SOX requirements. You can now safely send your documents, such as financial, medical and legal information, and be in complete control of their security. TechSpeed provides this tool to all its clients free of charge and provides full training on its use.

Techspeed can provide a downloadable application to use the Imagefracture technology from your desktop, or TechSpeed can provide a complete security service to manage your data using the Imagefracture technology according to your instructions to guarantee your documents' security.

Contact us today to discuss your data security needs. Don't wait until you experience a data breach when you can start protecting your data today. 


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Techspeed is a leading edge developer of data gathering services and we have found their support systems have made our consulting applications even more satisfactory.
Bruce R. Watkins
Brewster Associates
Techspeed has done a wonderful job for us ! Their attention to detail and quick response to our needs is very much appreciated.
Danielle Merriam
Passport unlimited

Imagefracture is a software
that will eliminate all risk
to outsourcing your data.