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Field Services Property Presevation Data Entry   

When it comes to REO Property Preservation, we can handle all of your data entry needs related to Field Services, such as Grass Cut work orders, Maintenance orders, Bid Processing and Zero Bill Work orders. We have used various Field Services tools like Field-Comm, Corelogic, and BAC website. TechSpeed has experience in processing work orders in the following applications and websites used by the Field Services industry:


For all of our clients who use Field-Comm, we can login to the Field-Comm system from our office and manipulate their work orders and information as if it were one of their own staff in their office. We accomplish this by installing Field-Comm on our machines and then use your IP address and logins to access and process your work.

Property Preservation Wizard:

  • Identifying the nature of the Work Order
  • Downloading the photos from the website
  • Pulling Bid information
  • Finding and processing various Maintenance W/O documents
  • Adding Invoice as per the provided price sheet


  • Locating a W/O
  • Adding BID items to Over Allowable Estimate Form
  • Creating new estimate at Repairbase
  • Data entry of various maintenance W/O related documents
  • Adding Photos to the W/O
  • Captioning the photos as per specifications
  • Submitting the W/O
  • Invoicing as per specifications provided by the client

BAC (Bank of America) Website:

  • Finding a W/O in BAC website
  • Adding a Grass cut completion report

Property Preservation Photo Processing

For some of our clients we transfer the photos from the Preservation Wizard website to Corelogic and label them as per their specifications and for others we do the photo labeling at the Field-Comm.

Photo Processing (Transferring photos from Pres Wiz to Corelogic)

  • Locate the W/O and download the Photos to our local machines
  • Upload the photos to Corelogic website
  • Label the Grass Cut photos as – Before, During & After Grass cut
  • Label the Debris and Damages photos

Photo Processing (Labeling photos at Field -Comm)

  • Locating the Work order
  • Labeling the Grass Cut photos as – Before, During & After Grass cut
  • Labeling the Bid photos
  • Labeling the Debris and Damages photos
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We have been working with TechSpeed Inc. since March of 2008. We have found TechSpeed to be a valuable partner that has been reliable, efficient and responsive to our needs. They are a company with integrity and high business standards and can offer a lot to our industry.
Kevin Clark
Pacific Field Services
This letter is intended to recommend TechSpeed Inc. We have enjoyed a relationship with TechSpeed for over 2 years.
Mike Brewer
ABC Mortgage

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