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Field Services Property Inspection Data Entry   

We also have the expertise to perform Home Inspection Services data entry. Our high level of work order management is what sets us apart from the rest. We typically receive the scanned work order form and photos at our secure FTP server. For some of our clients, the data entry is already completed and for others; we data enter records on the BAC website.

Nationals that we work for -

  • Bank of America
  • Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS Vendor 360)
  • Corelogic
  • M&M Mortgage Services

Mortgage Services Data Entry-

We have experience in handling REO Systems based on specific client instructions.
Here are some of the areas that we have explored -

  • Entering Valuation Summary From Validation / Valuation Excel sheet
  • Adding Property Characteristics From Property information PDFs
  • Updating Market Area Conditions From Validation / Valuation Excel sheet
  • Entering details of Sold Comp and Listed Comp from the PDFs

Mortgage Contracting Services (Vendor 360) Data entry:
Data Entry is done offline using an application that we have on our local PCs. The process involves searching the records' byloan/account #, transferring the property information from inspection forms and then transferring the photos to their respective properties.


Property Inspection Photo Processing   

We upload the Property Inspection photos on the Website.

Nationals that we work for -

  • Bank of America
  • Mortgage Contracting Services (MCS Vendor 360)
  • Corelogic
  • M&M Mortgage Services

Generic process for uploading photos -

  • The inspection photos are received via FTP
  • We download the folders at our local PCs
  • Locate the order that needs photos.
  • Add Photos to the Work order
  • Repeat steps for each loan/account # that needs photos uploaded.


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We have been working with TechSpeed Inc. since March of 2008. We have found TechSpeed to be a valuable partner that has been reliable, efficient and responsive to our needs. They are a company with integrity and high business standards and can offer a lot to our industry.
Kevin Clark
Pacific Field Services
This letter is intended to recommend TechSpeed Inc. We have enjoyed a relationship with TechSpeed for over 2 years.
Mike Brewer
ABC Mortgage

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