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When it comes to data, the time is ticking. Like people, data gets old. When this happens, it can't perform like it use to. But unlike people, we can reverse this aging process by enriching the data. TechSpeed can invigorate your data and make it better than it ever was. A virtual fountain of youth.

Techspeed's data enrichment services and data enhancement services include:

  • Add Emails : Techspeed can search the web or provide emails from 3 rd party lists to provide you an additional communication link to your customers.
  • Append New Data : Update data from provided information or our own researched sources to expand the power of your information.
  • USPS Cass Certification : By running your mail list through the Untied States Postal Service CASS database we can correct and update your addresses the USPS Standard mail requirements. This allows you to mail at standard mail rates saving 50% or more on your mailing costs.
  • Source File Path Linking : An image path is added to each record so that when the CD of images is loaded onto a directory of a computer such as E:\Images\file name you can get instant access to the image for a specific record by clicking on the image path included in each record, which opens a windows image viewer to display the image.
  • Renaming of Files Based on the Contents : Identifying files can be difficult when the file names do not reflex its contents. Techspeed can rename those files for easy identification according to your requirements.
  • Indexing : Improve the ability to access your data quickly by indexing it. Get full access to your information either by key words or full-text indexing to retrieve documents based on their textual content.
  • Adding Images, Graphics, etc. : Techspeed can add photo or graphic images to your product information. We can also size and edit the graphics to standardize them for e-commence web sites.


Information is the life blood of your organization. As your organization grows, your information has to grow with you. By appending new information to your existing data it will be more useful to you. TechSpeed has the tools and technology to assist you in enriching your data.

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We have been using TechSpeed since 2005 for our data processing. They have consistently delivered data in a quick and thorough manner I honestly cannot think of a single incident where our information was late or delivered with errors. Working with them has been an easy and seamless transaction. I would happily recommend TechSpeed to any company in need of data services.
Elizabeth Gilmore
Wacom Technology Corp.
Techspeed has done a wonderful job for us! Their attention to detail and quick response to our needs is very much appreciated.
Danielle Merriam
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